What to Expect

Profile: We have a wide spectrum of ages and backgrounds. This is a multi-generational, multi-ethnic church that includes young families, senior adults, singles, and children. Dress trends toward business-casual, though you can find anything from khakis and dress shirts to t-shirts and blue jeans. People are friendly and hospitable.
Beginning: At 9:30am, the worship lobby is open with refreshments of coffee, water, and donuts.
At 10:00am our Worship Service begins.
Music: The music we sing is a contemporary blend of old and new. We love the doctrinally rich hymns of the sixteenth century and we find energy and engagement in the songs of the twenty-first. Most who are comfortable with one particular style have discovered, while at Crossroads Church, that we can enjoy other genres of music as well. We strongly prefer congregational singing, which emphasizes the gathered body singing praise to God with one voice, over performed music, which tends to spotlight the abilities of some while encouraging passivity in the rest.
Elements of Worship: The Scriptures are clear about God’s desired way to be honored and praised. We sing Christ-centered songs, offer prayers of praise, confession, and supplication, read Scripture, study the Bible expositionally, give our tithes and offerings, and observe the Lord’s Supper (monthly) and Baptism (as often as possible).
Sermons: Preaching at Crossroads Church is expositional, meaning that it seeks to declare the point of a particular Biblical passage. Sermons usually last between 30-40 minutes and are filled with explanation, reflection, and application. Our sermon series typically alternate between the Old and New Testament books of the Bible. Some preaching series are expositional regarding a topic in scripture. All preaching is gospel-driven.
Post Service: A typical service is 60 minutes. As we conclude, we greet one another and encourage everyone to join a 11am Growth Group to study the Bible and make friends. There are groups for all ages. For first time guests, you are invite to meet the Pastor at the Resource Desk.