Philosophy of Family Equipping Ministry

The central ministry of Crossroads Church is the continuous imparting of the Scriptures. The next generation’s spiritual instruction is primarily the responsibility of the parents (Deuteronomy 6:7; Ephesians 6:4). Biblically, parents responsibility extends further than just seeing that their children receive instruction.

The primary emphasis of our Family Equipping Ministry is to support the biblical position of the home. In supporting the ministry of the parents, we endeavor to be a readily available resource to the home. Our goal as a church is to reinforce, but never replace, the primary role of parents in nurturing and training children. We affirm parents in their role and desire to help all families grow in grace together.

In our corporate worship services, we believe it is best for next generation to be with their parents (a nursery is provided for birth through Kindergarten if desired). This allows the the next generation to participate in the church body and be trained and developed in the Scriptures along with their family.

In addition to our corporate worship services, we dedicate our Sunday morning efforts to teaching the Word of God through age appropriate classes. Whereas the home is the primary (but not exclusive) place of discipleship, the church also has a responsibility to teach those under it’s care. Neither the home, nor the church, should ever abandon their responsibility to make disciples.

We teach the whole counsel of God so that those who know Jesus Christ will be edified and those who don’t will be presented with the gospel truth of God’s Word. All classes are designed to communicate biblical content, Scripture memory, and life application. We encourage parents to attend a class with their child, allowing parents an opportunity to be trained and developed in their role as disciplers of their children.

Because the ministry to the family at Crossroads Church will always support the parent’s efforts and point the next generation to their authority, we will provide on-going training for fathers and mothers through special seminars, resources, and mentoring relationships so that they will be equipped to lead in that authority.

Crossroads Church is committed to helping families:

* Teach the next generation from the earliest age the full character of God.
* Present the gospel to the next generation, praying that God will save them.
* Introduce and develop the concept of worship through example and practice, while encouraging a respectful response to God.
* Teach the Lordship of Jesus Christ which is an outflow of true salvation.
* Teach and model practical application of the Word through the process of discipleship.
* Intercede on behalf of the next generation and parents through prayer.
* Assist parents in the training of the next generation and be a resource to them.



The next generation will grow up to be like those who most influence them. 

Wouldn’t it be best if YOU were the greatest influence!

Live for Christ… Shape a Generation!