What is Worship?

Worship is the core of who we are. Indeed, worship is not merely an aspect of our being, but the essence of our being as God’s image-bearers. As a result, all of life is ceaseless worship. Practically, this means that while worship does include corporate church meetings, praying, singing songs, reading and preaching Scripture, it is not limited by these things or defined solely as these things, or expressed only in these things, because worship never stops. You are always worshiping! We are not created to worship, but rather we are created worshiping. Everyone worships all the time. Atheists, agnostics, Christians, and everyone in between are unceasing worshippers. While the object and method of worship varies, the act of worship does not.
Once God opens our hearts and minds, bringing us to repentance, we are enabled to worship Him. We worship Him as we get to know Him. We do this individually, with family, and corporately with the Body of Christ. Daily times of prayer and Bible reading help set the course of our worship. Weekly times of coming together with others who worship God helps us to grow in love and knowledge of the One who saved us by His grace and for His glory!
Be a ceaseless worshipper!