What is Stewardship?

Stewardship is the realization that everything we have is a gift on loan to us. Sharing these loaned gifts to others to build up the kingdom of God is a great response of stewardship. These loaned gifts can be grouped under three main areas:       
     T – Time
     T – Talent
     T – Treasure
These three T’s are gifts loaned to us, not given to us outright. For example, the money we “have” is really a gift from God loaned or entrusted to us. It is really not our own. The same with our “time” and talents”. We are expected to share these gifts that are on loan to us to fulfill God’s plan for us on earth. 
A healthy church is anchored on the idea that we are called to share our time, talents, and treasure to glorify God. If we do this, we are only sharing what the Lord has loaned to us in the first place. “Well done good and faithful servant” refers to the talents the Master gave to his servants, asking them to use them for good purpose.