4:04 Prayer Initiative

As we are all navigating through these unprecedented times, God continues to burden my heart for the CHURCH to trust the Lord and lead each other and our community to PRAY through this COVID-19 pandemic. With so many unknowns and opportunities in front of us, I am reminded of what the late Jerry Falwell Sr. said, “Nothing of eternal significance ever happens apart from prayer.” 
I want to personally invite you to join me and others from Crossroads in a collective prayer gathering that we are calling the 4:04 Prayer Initiative. This initiative will begin on May 3 and end on May 31, Pentecost Sunday.  Each day, at 4:04 pm, we will ask everyone to join with others for a time of prayer. The prayer time will be led each day by a different person (or family) from Crossroads in a 4-MINUTE VIDEO and posted to the church’s social media platforms and website. Each prayer participant will create a 4-minute video introducing themselves, sharing an encouraging bible verse, and leading in prayer. That video will be sent to Pastor Chris in advance to be posted on one of the available days. Every video will be stored on a shared cloud drive for you to access later. 


Here are the details:
4:04 Prayer Initiative May 3-31, 2020
5/3 – Kick-off at 4:04 pm
5/5 – National Teacher Day
5/6 – National Nurses Day
5/7 – National Day of Prayer
5/10 – Mother’s Day
5/16 – National Armed Forces Day
5/25 – Memorial Day
5/31 – Pentecost Sunday
Members and Attenders of Crossroads
4 minutes of prayer at 4:04 pm every day
Each participant provides 1 (or more) 4-minute video to be uploaded to a shared drive,
Video outline:
Intro yourself (name and names of those who live with you)
Share an encouraging Bible verse and a brief thought
Lead in prayer
4 minutes long max
* No political agenda
Every day, Pastor Chris will post one of the videos on:
Church Website
Direct e-mail
Church Facebook
YouTube channel
Church Instagram
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Will you join me and others from Crossroads as we seek God and encourage one another by praying together at the same time each day? It is my desire to lead with you in this effort to live by faith, share the gospel, and pray for God to heal our community, our country, and our world.
Another day… Another opportunity…
Pastor Chris

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