Deacons are servants that administrate each area of focus at Crossroads Church.
The deacons of Crossroads Church fill supportive roles as they coordinate various ministries that relate to the physical needs of the congregation. To free the Elders to provide spiritual oversight to the church, the deacons coordinate particular church ministries (e.g. Audio Ministry, Facilities, Missions, etc). At their discretion, the deacons gather volunteers in support of their work. In their service to the church, the deacons will report needs and progress to an Elder representative that oversees that ministry area.
Deacons of: Baptism Communion Worship Audio/Visual Ushering Prayer Team
Deacons of: Member Care Hospitality
Deacons of:
Crossroads Christian Academy
Deacons of: Budget Benevolence Building/Grounds Maintance
Daniel Leon
Jeff Mitchell
Scott Bowden
Bill Hodges
Bev Smith
Bill Harrison
Don Thompson
Vic Tripp
Raymond Johnson
Anton Coy
Danny Gordon
James Irvin
Chuck Madden
Darrell Davis